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5 years and more

Alecia Daniel-Hall

786 315-9638

212 E Hillsboro Blvd., #504, Deerfield Beach, FL 33443



Genesis Law, PA



Practice Areas:

Probate, Estate Planning

Alecia Daniel-Hall, Esq. is licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey and Florida for 15+ years. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, she has resided in South Florida since 2010. Throughout her legal career, she has represented lenders in Foreclosure and Bankruptcy actions throughout New York and Florida. In addition to creditors’ rights law, she also has extensive experience in litigation, real estate law, estate planning and probate. Viewing real estate acquisition and retention as the key to building generational wealth, she works as a REALTOR® to guide her clients through the process of building a real estate portfolio and facilitates maintaining their assets for future generations through Estate Planning and Probate law.

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