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5 years and more

Shatoria Means


3500 N State Road 7 Suite 408 Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319



The Renovated You



Practice Areas:

Child Welfare, Education, and Certified Professional Coach

Shatoria Means is a mother, attorney, and certified professional coach who values family, friendships, food, and fun.

Shatoria has ten years of experience in child welfare and now practices dependency and education law. She is also a certified professional coach and the owner of The Renovated You (tRY). tRY provides coaching services to attorneys and professionals to help them overcome overwhelm and beat the cycle of professional burnout by developing a personalized goal success strategy that allows them to operate in alignment with their values to succeed both personally and professionally.

Her favorite day of the week is Tuesday, as it is both Taco Tuesday and the self-proclaimed holiday of Tori Tuesday when she allows herself to focus on self-care.

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