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Legal Advice and Counsel Hotline

The TJ Reddick Bar Association has generously signed up to volunteer with Legal Aid and their Legal Advice and Counsel Hotline in May 2021. Every year, members of our organization volunteer to provide legal advice and counsel. This year, two volunteers will be needed remotely for every Tuesday in the month of May, from 2:00p.m. until 5:00p.m.

Legal Aid Service of Broward County will provide all training and a hotline manual, so attorneys do not need to prepare before their appointments. No prior experience in the areas of law handled by Legal Aid is necessary, and all advice is covered by their malpractice insurance. Every volunteer attorney will earn 3 pro bono hours for each day that they volunteer.

The Legal Aid Advice Hotline is still being operated remotely to advise tenants as to their housing rights. A pdf copy of the case files will be emailed to the attorneys by 2:00 p.m. on the Tuesday of their appointment, and volunteer attorneys will be asked to call the clients from their own phone (using *67 to block the number if they choose). Volunteer attorneys will also be asked to fill out a brief online form summarizing each call so that Legal Aid may update their client records.

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