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Candidate Nomination

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Description of Positions

    The President-Elect shall from time to time, perform duties prescribed by the President or the Executive Board. In addition, the President-Elect shall: In the absence of the President, the President-Elect shall perform and be vested with all the duties and powers of the President; Supervise the activities of all committees, including the committee chairpersons; Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees; Chair the Gala Banquet Committee; and Act as de facto liaison with the National Bar Association, Virgil Hawkins Florida Chapter National Bar Association, BCBA, NAACP and all other necessary volunteer Bar Association in Broward County; and Have such other powers and perform such other duties, as from time to time, that may be prescribed by the President or the Executive Board
    The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate written record of all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board and shall be responsible for maintaining the permanent files of the Association. In addition, the Recording Secretary shall: Have custody of all books, records, and papers of the Association, except those related to the duties of the Treasurer, or of some other person authorized to have custody and possession; The authority to appoint a designee to take minutes in his/her absence. The person must be a board member; Will be responsible for maintaining the Association’s post office box, including checking the mail and working with the Treasurer to ensure it is renewed annually; Shall keep a record of the names and addresses of all the members of the Association;
    The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for correspondence to and from the organization through all relevant social media sites. In addition, the Corresponding Secretary shall: Ensure that notice is given as required by these bylaws of all such meetings of the membership and the Board. This includes distribution of bylaws within 7 days of the last executive board or general body meeting, if recently changed and ratified; Be responsible for receiving, administering and disbursing all correspondence received or sent by the Association; To monitor and update Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social mediums designated relevant by the President or delegate these tasks to the Social Media Manager, if one is appointed, whom he/she will oversee;
    The Treasurer shall be responsible for accounting, receiving, depositing, and disbursing all funds or monetary valuables of the organization. Such acts shall be conducted with such banks and depositories as the Association shall designate. In addition, the Treasurer shall: Make a report at each Executive Board, or when called upon to do so by the President; Prepare preliminary annual budgets based upon input from the Executive Board and Committee Chairs. Upon review and recommendation of the Executive Board the proposed budget will be submitted for vote by the active membership; Have custody of all receipt ledgers, bank statements, square machine, cash box and any other financial documents and items of the Association; Keep the President advised of the financial condition of the organization; Make quarterly written reports to the membership reflecting the payments of dues and other income and expenses of the organization; Certify the voting eligibility of members present, as required, prior to voting on any specific issue or motion before the organization at a regularly scheduled meeting or emergency session;
    The Historian will be responsible for gathering historical data regarding the Association from sources such as archives, court records, diaries, news files, and photographs, as well as collect data sources such as books, pamphlets, and periodicals. In addition, the Historian shall: Gather historical data from various legal and non-legal sources, including archives, books, reliable news outlets and artifacts; Analyze and interpret historical information to determine its authenticity and significance; Trace historical developments concerning the Association, black law history and any other information designated relevant by the President; Engage with the public through educational programs and presentations;
    The Executive Board Members-at-Large shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members and no more than nine (9) members. At least one (1) member representing each of the following years of membership of the Bar of any State or the District of Columbia shall be on the Board of Directors Members-at-Large: 0 to less than 5 years 5 to less than 10 years; and 10 years or more. Each Executive Board member shall serve on at least one (1) committee during each year of his term of office provided under Article X.
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