Officers Of The Board


2020 - 2021

White Walls

Message from the President

It is my esteemed pleasure and honor to serve as the 2020-2021 President of the T.J. Reddick Bar Association. I firmly believe in the saying that “We are standing on the shoulders of giants” and the very existence of this organization is a testament to that very statement. I am honored to continue the legacy established by the Honorable Thomas J. “TJ” Reddick, Jr. and the founders of this organization.

I believe that our ancestors and trailblazers possessed the same fears and apprehensions we face today. However, it was their courage and resolve that pushed them to speak truth to power because they understood it was about more than them. They understood that it was necessary to forge a new path for future generations of Black attorneys, like myself and my Executive Board members, that would follow in their footsteps. I am grateful for their courage and proudly take up the mantle to be bold for future generations of Black attorneys and our greater community.

During this unprecedented time, we are facing not only the global pandemic of COVID-19 but we are combatting the pandemic of systemic racism. We are navigating unchartered waters, and my resolve for change is has grown stronger.

Our vision will be actualized through six initiatives:
  1. Professional Development

  2. Community Education and Advocacy

  3. Black Economic Cultivation

  4. Dismantling Systemic Racism and Anti-Black Practices within the Legal Profession

  5. Mental Health/Personal Care

  6. Judicial Diversity

With each initiative, we will have specific and targeted goals that address needs in both the legal community and Broward County. We look forward to partnerships with allies who are equally devoted to bringing about long overdue change. We owe our children and future generations the opportunity to read our history and beam with pride from the actions we took to make a better world for them.

I look forward to working alongside the dynamic women and men who have committed to serving our community collaboratively. Thank you for this opportunity lead this organization to be the wildest dreams of our ancestors who endured for us to be here.

I recognize the immense privilege it is to serve as President of this illustrious organization and look forward to continuing the legacy of the Honorable Thomas J. Reddick, Jr. Thank you and I hope you join me!

In service,

Ashley V. Gantt