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Officers Of The Board


2023 - 2024

White Walls

Message from the President

Enter to Learn; Depart to Serve! This is the motto of my alma mater, the Great Bethune-Cookman University, a Historical Black College and University deeply rooted and dedicated to instilling resilience, service, and leadership in its students. It is my honor and privilege to serve as the 2023-2024 President of The T.J. Reddick Bar Association. I recognize that my role as President is larger than me. It is merely my time to pay it forward for the privilege to occupy this prestigious position in which I do not take lightly. The T.J. Reddick Bar Association has a rich legacy of promoting the professional excellence of Black lawyers in Broward County, increasing the enrollment of minority students in college and law school, and promoting the general welfare of all citizens in Broward County. Our founders laid a solid foundation and established a clear blueprint for us to follow as they aspired for equality, diversity, and inclusion for all citizens in Broward County and throughout the State of Florida.


As I think about the path of overwhelming adversities, stumbling blocks, and obstacles our founders faced for us to stand where we are today, I am filled with optimism because I know we are lifted by strong men. Our founders walked down a road filled with NO equality, NO diversity, and NO inclusion—to say the least. However, for every "no", our founders created an opportunity for professional excellence, an opportunity to ascend towards a future of diversity on the bench, more minorities in college and law school, and a better community at large.


Looking at the past presidents of this amazing organization, I recognize I have large shoes to fill. However, having a strong team is the first key towards success and I am so very excited about the 2023-2024 administration and the amazing things we can accomplish. Our vision will be actualized through four initiatives:


1. Professional Development

2. Community Service & Education

3. Student Engagement, Preparation, & Education

4. Mental Health & Wellness


We will continue to promote diversity on the bench and maintain our partnership with the Judicial Diversity Initiative to educate attorneys on the pathways towards the bench. We will continue to offer continuing legal education sessions to our attorneys. However, one of our goals this year will be to expand our CLE programming to encourage Board Certification. It is time we elevate our legal expertise to achieve more within the legal community. 


Finally, as an educator it is disappointing how the Florida legislator is attacking Black history. Trying to keep our children from learning about their heritage. While continuing our goal of increasing the enrollment of minority students in college and law schools, we will also work diligently to educate our children about our history and contributions of those who have served before us. We will continue with our Black History exhibit and highlight key cases from Black attorneys that helped create a better future for our children. We must come together to ensure we are teaching our children. Educating our children is ultimately our responsibility. We will start by expanding our programming to include resources to help educate students on how to prepare and what to expect when entering law school; and programming to guide students through law school and into the practice of law. We will help equip our future attorneys with the tools and skills needed to step confidently into the practice of law. Finally, and most importantly, increase our scholarship fund to provide more support to more of our children financially. However, we need you. I beseech you all to join our noble organization and help us to establish a legacy for the next generation. I look forward to an amazing year of service as your 2023-2024 President of The T.J. Reddick Bar Association, I know we can reach more, help more, and accomplish more together! Together, we can aspire, ascend, and achieve greatness because we are Black Excellence!





Sherea Randle, Esq.

President, 2023-2024

Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist in Juvenile Law

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