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Officers Of The Board


2022 - 2023

White Walls

Message from the President

I am so excited to be President of the T.J. Reddick Bar Association. I have been a part of TJ Reddick Bar since law school, so to serve as the  President of this prestigious organization is truly humbling. I hope to accomplish a lot of my ideas with the help of the Associations’ board members and judicial liaisons during my 2022-2023 tenure as President. I will continue to serve the needs of the citizens of Broward County and further the mission of our founding members in hopes that the TJ Reddick Bar Association becomes a household name. It is my belief that everyone in Broward County should know this Organization and the name of the first black attorney to open an office and practice law in Broward County.

The goal of the 2022-2023 administration is to have a more hands-on approach to mentoring our future black attorneys and college graduates in South Florida, volunteer a minimum 200 hours of community service, and increase the number of active male members in our membership. My goal is to cultivate blossoming relationships with our local high schools and law schools and increase the number of high school and law school  applicants for our scholarships each year.

My aspiration for wanting more active black male members on our Board is so young men that we mentor in middle school and high school can see themselves as those successful black men, see that they too can overcome any prior struggles or delinquencies, and see that they too can become lawyers, doctors, or whoever they choose to be.

We need more active black men on our board, so we can hear what you go through as Black men in law; know whether you face the same struggles that black women in the legal community; and know how you overcome those struggles so we can learn and grow together. Black men and women in our community need to be a team. Why? Because we need each other. We do not have power alone, but we can create more power and go further together. 

During my presidency, we will continue to push for diversity on the bench through our own programming and with the Judicial Diversity Initiative. The citizens of Broward County deserve a bench that understands their needs and we will continue the urge of reform to promote judicial diversity in our community. 

I am ecstatic to be continue the legacy of Judge Reddick and all the founding members, and I hope to make an impact not only on my Board but to the community of Broward County. 





Alexia Hudson, Esq.

President, 2022-2023

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